Dear ENP Members and Guests,

This year our 10th annual meeting will be held in Troyes (Aube en Champagne) at the Centre de Congrès de l’Aube, from Wednesday September 19th to Friday September 21st.

As every year, the ENP Days are an optimal venue for the ENP network to gather and catch up. Indeed, the aim of this retreat is to increase scientific exchange – both between young researchers and established scientists and provide them the opportunity for collegiality and communication.

We are happy to announce:

As always, the success of these next ENP Days will depend on your participation. ENP will support all fees  (ENP shuttle transportation, hotel, meals). Nonetheless, Registration remains mandatory in order to host you properly at Troyes.

Each ENP team leader is welcome to invite one or two PhD students or postdocs from his/her team.

We hope you will contribute enthusiastically and make this retreat in Champagne a real success. We are looking forward to seeing you in September,

The ENP Team